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I only promote the use of Force & Fear Free Methods


Behaviour Consult/Development Support


As a Behaviour Practitioner, it is my job to access and analyse the reasons why your dog may be doing the things you don't understand. Often this is communicated as 'unwanted behaviours' which may look at bit like this;











Since the COVID 19 Pandemic, Dog Trainers are now more in demand than ever. This had led to people seeking advice from well meaning channels like social media, looking for immediate fixes or quick results. In many cases, the problems you are having with your dog are down to a miscommunication. We often forget dogs are a different species, and our expectations of them are too blended with our own human values. Getting the right qualified advice for you and your dog is important. As your chosen professional; my commitment to you involves; your time, your patience, and above all; YOUR commitment.


  • Click the link on this page and send me an email.

  • I will then send you an initial questionnaire, and my terms and conditions. Depending on your query, I may request a vet referral. 

  • FREE - 10-15 minute discovery call. I discuss with you what level of support I think appropriate for you and your dog.

  • Initial Consultation - an in depth  session I address how we can help you and your dog. We will send you a Behaviour Modification Plan after your first session.

  • On going support. I do not encourage or offer a 'one session fix' promise. Dogs are living beings and problems cannot be fixed in a matter of hours after one session. Dogs are sentient beings with emotions. Change the Emotion, Change the Behaviour. This is why I offer block bookings so you can achieve the best possible outcome for you and your dog and I can support the process.

I offer all my clients block sessions but can offer stand alone or 'one off' sessions.


This is because I firmly believe that training is a process, not an event.


Behaviour Modification Plan

4 weeks WhatsApp/Message/Zoom support






Behaviour Modification Plan

8 weeks WhatsApp/Message/Zoom support



Behaviour Modification Plan

12 weeks WhatsApp/Message/Zoom support








Behaviour Modification Plan

1 week Follow Up

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