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At the Woof Pack, we provide 3 group walks daily. These consist of a 1 hour walk where your dog will be socialised in a group of up to 8 dogs and 2 handlers. 













What's Included?

  • Dogs are transported in their own secure crates.

  • All dogs wear our harnesses or collars all tagged with our information, ensuring your dog is traceable at all times.

  • A fully kitted First Aid Kit is stored in our van at all times along with your vet information in case of emergencies.

  • We keep a large amount of towels, shampoos and doggie perfumes for all your smelly pooches needs.

  • All staff members are covered by Pet Business Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Business Insurance and have received recent Canine First Aid Training.

  • Access to our Private Facebook group with all our photos and videos posted daily.


  • Group Walks - £13 (£9 for second dog from same household.)

  • Solo Walks - £17 (STA)

  • Pop In Visit - £9 (20 mins) (STA)

  • Stay And Play - £13 (45 mins +) (STA)

  • Pack Hikes - £25 per dog (STA)

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