Dog walking

At the Woof Pack, we provide 3 group walks daily. These consist of a 1 hour walk where your dog will be socialised in a group of up to 6 dogs. All prices quoted includes us collecting your dog from your home, taking for their walk and then returning home. Your dog will be towel dried if it is muddy and fresh water will be provided.

What we offer:

  • 1 hour group walk
  • Pack Hikes - These are provided once a month and limited to 4 spaces. Dogs are taken on a 5 - 10 mile hike. (Seasonal)

Whats Included?

  • Dogs are transported in fully air-conditioned van with 4 separate secure areas.

  • All pack members wear our harnesses or collars all tagged with our information, ensuring your dog is traceable at all times.

  • A fully kitted First Aid Kit is stored in our van at all times along with your vet information in case of emergencies.

  • We keep a large amount of towels, shampoos and doggie perfumes for all your smelly pooches needs.


  • Group Walks - £12 (£8 for second dog from same household.)

  • Pack Hikes - £20 per dog


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