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I provide an hours worth of exercise and enrichment for your dog. I take groups of up to 6 dogs, mixes are based on temperament, health and age. We cannot accept dogs who show reactive behaviours. My group walks are most suited to dogs who have good recall and walk well on the lead. 















What's Included?

  • Dogs are transported in their own secure crates.

  • All dogs wear my harnesses or collars all tagged with my information, ensuring your dog is traceable at all times.

  • A fully kitted First Aid Kit is stored in my van at all times along with your vet information in case of emergencies.

  • I keep a large amount of microfibre towels, shampoos and doggie perfumes for all your smelly pooches needs.

  • I am covered by Pet Business Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Business Insurance and have received recent Canine First Aid Training.

  • Access to our Private Facebook group with all our photos and videos posted daily.


  • Group Walks - £13 (£9 for second dog from same household.)

  • Pack Hikes - £25 per dog (STA)

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