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Owning a horse as we well know, is a full time responsibility. The Woof Pack offers a tailored package to every horse and owner on a case by case basis. Helen has owned 4 horses and has ridden since she was 7 years old. Helen has worked at many Equestrian establishments within the Breeding and Racing Industries. Helen prides herself on being able to handle horses of all sizes and tailor our services to your particular needs and requirements. This includes but is not limited to:

Mucking Out

Turning Out


Feet Picking and grooming

Paddock Poo Picking

Feed, Hay and Fresh Water

Administering Medication


We hold a Gold BHS Membership + Insurance

PBI - Full Public Liability Insurance inc Horse Sitting.

Level 3 First Aid Qualified - Open College of Equine Studies

Prices start from £12

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