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Helen - Owner/Director











In 2017, Helen launched the Woof Pack, offering Dog Walking, Small Pet & Equine Care. In 2019, she started offering Canine Training and Behaviour.  Helen is a big believer of knowing 'the science' of the methods she teaches but always holds ethics and welfare first. This is why she is constantly studying and striving to learn more and in turn OFFER more.

Helen is an Accredited Behaviourist with the IMDT (IMDTB) Helen believes that the best care should be available to everyone, which is why she would like to be able to have her services covered in owners Pet Insurance plans in the future. Helen is also proud to be a full member of PACT, the IMDT and has achieved ATI status with The Animal Behaviour Training Council. Helen also has 4 of her own dogs.

Listed below are Helen's Credentials:


Fully insured with Pet Business Insurance

CRB checked

Canine first aid (CPD Accredited)

Canine First Aid - Paw and Pad Injuries

Level 3 First Aid - Open College of Equine Studies

Approved/Accredited Status

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Accredited Trainer

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Accredited Behaviourist

DTC (Dog Training College) Approved Dog Trainer

PACT -Full Member

Animal Behaviour and Training Council - Animal Training Instructor

Correspondence Courses

Canine Care & Behaviour Level 2 (Animal Courses Direct)

Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour Level 3 (IMDT)

Level 4 Accredited Advanced Canine Behaviour (BCCS)

Level 5 Analysis and Application (IMDT)

Theory Courses

Canine Communication Diploma (New Skills Academy)

Pet Psychology Diploma (New Skills Academy)

Nutrition and Behaviour (School of Canine Science

Courses Attended

2 day Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT)

4 day Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT)

2 day Consultation and Follow Up Report (IMDT)

Dog to Human Aggression (IMDT)

Behaviour Case Studies (IMDT)

Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation (IMDT)

Leanne - Dog Walking Manager

Leanne joined The Woof Pack in April 2021 after Helen worked with Leanne's rescue dog Hunter. Leanne has had previous careers in both care work and retail. Her lifelong love of dogs, especially rescues led to her meeting Helen in 2020 and eventually applying for a Dog Walker position. Leanne's role within The Woof Pack as evolved due to are compassion and dedication, and she now organises the groupings for our walks and interacts with all our clients. Leanne has aspirations to one day work with rescues and providing day care and boarding options to dogs in need of behavioural support. 

Listed below are Leanne's Credentials:


Fully insured with Pet Business Insurance

CRB checked

Canine first aid (CPD Accredited)

Theory Courses

Canine Anxiety (Canine Principles)

Canine Fear (Canine Principles)

Canine Reactive Behaviour Advanced (Canine Principles)

Lisa - Dog Walker





Lisa joined The Woof Pack in August 2021, originally to help whilst Helen was on maternity leave. We loved Lisa so much we decided to keep her! Lisa assists us on our busier days alongside her own business, 'Furry Friends Pet Boarding and Mini Rex,' where she breeds Mini Rex rabbits, offers small pet boarding and even makes her own treats! Lisa's role is very much a supporting one, as she assists us on our busier days. Lisa has extensive experience in the retail sector and also owns a dog, cat and 7 bunnies.

Listed below are Lisa's Credentials:


Fully insured with Pet Business Insurance

CRB checked

Canine first aid (CPD Accredited)

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